Things to know before the first Up surgery
how many types are there, and what are the pros and cons?

Know before you act! What do you need to know before making a deal? Which techniques suit you?

“The ‘full lips trend’ is not only a popular lip style among Korean and Western women, but it also helps make the face look younger. This has led many women to desire fuller and plumper lips. However, if you’re unsure where to start your research, Emma Clinic has gathered essential information for you today. Consider it a complete guide to achieving beautiful, plump lips. If you’re ready, let’s take a look together.”

What is the process of lip surgery?

“The process of making a mouthpiece involves decorating the lip edges to address issues such as misshapen, thick, asymmetrical, or sunken lips, which can detract from facial aesthetics. This process aims to enhance the appearance of the lips to achieve a beautiful and flattering shape that complements one’s features.”

The lip contour is sagging , uneven lip contours , downturned lip corners, a stern facial appearance , an irregular lip shape.

Who is suitable for undergoing lip surgery?

  • Individuals with thick, drooping lip edges.
  • Individuals with moderately thick lip edges lacking definition.
  • Individuals with asymmetrical lip edges on both sides.
  • Individuals with sunken lips resulting in a dull appearance.
  • Individuals with inner lip edges protruding when smiling.

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There are many types of lip enhancement?

Currently, there are two types of lip enhancement:

Surgical lip enhancement

Non-surgical lip enhancement

And which method is suitable for whom?

Surgical method

1. Individuals with thick, drooping lip edges:

Surgical lip enhancement can significantly improve the symmetry and beauty of the lips. It can address both the upper and lower lip edges.

2. Individuals with undefined lips who desire a defined Cupid’s bow:

Surgical intervention is the most popular choice to address this issue. The procedure involves shaping the upper lip by excising and suturing the central portion to create a defined Cupid’s bow or a bird’s wing shape, enhancing facial sweetness.

3. Individuals with abnormalities in lip shape:

For instance, surgically lifting the corners of the lips, correcting downturned or drooping lips. Following enhancement, the patient’s face will appear fresher, and facial features will appear sweeter.

Non-surgical method

Using a filling substance, also known as HA (Hyaluronic Acid), is another method to enhance lip shape by adding volume. It is suitable for individuals with thin lips who desire fuller lips or in cases where the lips lack shape. Expert physicians may recommend undergoing lip augmentation surgery first, followed by the application of filling substances to achieve the desired fullness after the surgery is completed.

The strengths of the Emma Clinic’s lip augmentation style.

The Emma Clinic continues to adhere to the concept of designing facial components to achieve balance and harmony. Thus, the innovative Dolly Lip lip augmentation technique was developed, resulting in beautifully plump lips that lend a youthful appearance to the face. This technique is non-invasive, reducing the risk of complications and yielding smooth and attractive lip contours.

Additionally, the clinic employs lip augmentation surgery techniques to refine the inner lip borders, minimizing the risk of scarring. Each lip shape is meticulously designed by experienced physicians to ensure it complements the patient’s facial features, allowing them to achieve their best, authentic look.

The non-thermal technique reduces the risk of rippling resulting in smooth and beautiful lip contours. The surgical technique involves decorating the lip border internally, reducing the chance of scarring. Each case is individually designed to suit the face shape, addressing concerns of a stern facial appearance and enhancing sweetness.

The strengths of the Dolly Lip lip augmentation style.

It’s about designing the most beautiful lip shape that you are.

It is about designing the most beautiful lip shape that suits you, while also considering long-term results. In the doctor’s design, there are techniques aimed at supporting the achievement of smooth and harmonious lip shapes that complement the face. Along with the following two main techniques:

  • Cooling lift technique
  • Lip graft technique
1-nouth upclates. - Thick Ups Bunpy lips Achieved Beautiful Lip shape Downturned lips lifted Lip corners for a sueeter look Enhanced facial contour

Cooling lift technique

The COOLING LIFT technique addresses a common concern among individuals undergoing lip augmentation, which is the potential for scarring around the lips. This technique is considered beneficial as it does not involve heat, thus reducing the risk of complications and minimizing the likelihood of scarring in the lip area post-surgery.

Lip graft technique

The LIP GRAFT technique involves the removal of a small portion of tissue from the lip edge, followed by selecting the best parts to be stitched onto the central area of the lip. This method helps to increase lip volume in the central area while also reducing the likelihood of lip recession.

The Lip graft technique is suitable for individuals with thin lips (which is a different case from individuals with thick lips). This can be observed by the presence of many lip wrinkles. This group often lacks lip tissue or has thin muscle tissue, making the lip graft easier to dissolve compared to individuals with thick, dense lip tissue.

* Potential Limitations:
Cases with very minimal lip tissue often result in small lip grafts, which may not effectively maintain lip volume. This may lead to the necessity of additional enhancement with a filling substance for achieving beautiful, fuller lips following lip augmentation.

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Before-and-after lip augmentation reviews.

Patient consultation process:

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Preparation before undergoing lip augmentation:

Updates on daily progress after lip augmentation

Day-to-day progress following lip augmentation.

Self-care after lip augmentation

  • Clean the wound twice daily, morning and evening, until stitches are removed.
  • Use a cotton swab dipped in saline solution to clean blood crusts and scabs from the wound until the sutures are visible.
  • Apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment along the wound.
  • During each cleaning session, thoroughly remove any remaining ointment to prevent bacterial growth.
  • After suture removal, continue wound cleansing for another 2-3 days and start applying scar-reducing ointment.
  • Sleep with the head elevated for one week.
  • Avoid brushing teeth for the first 3 days after the procedure. Afterward, use a children’s toothbrush and children’s toothpaste.
  • Avoid consuming hot or warm foods and spicy foods. Stick to cold foods to prevent swelling.
  • Rinse the mouth after every meal with saltwater or alcohol-free mouthwash.
  • Avoid taking supplements and vitamins for 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • Avoid strenuous activities for 1 month.
  • Keep the lips moist with Vaseline to prevent dryness and cracking.
  • Avoid applying lipstick for 2 weeks to prevent infection.
  • Avoid wide mouth opening for 2 weeks to prevent wound separation.
  • Start massaging the lips after one month to keep them soft and improve their shape.
  • For individuals with braces, they can change their braces after 2 months.

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Self-care after lip augmentation

1 month after lip surgery

The doctor will schedule a follow-up appointment to teach lip massage techniques, check lip shape, and assess healing progress. Typically, the true lip shape may not be fully visible at this stage. The doctor may recommend massaging to reduce swelling during this period.

3 months after lip surgery

The doctor will schedule another appointment to check the lip shape and assess healing progress. At this point, the lips will begin to take shape, and the doctor will discuss the patient’s concerns. If the patient desires fuller lips, the doctor may recommend using a filling substance, which can be applied after this period, typically after 3 months.

6 months after lip surgery

The doctor will schedule another appointment to assess healing progress and consider further adjustments to the lip shape. If the patient has any concerns, they can be addressed and the lip shape can be modified during this period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about lip augmentation commonly encountered.

It causes very minimal discomfort because the doctor does not directly inject anesthesia at the lip border. Instead, they use a nerve block technique in the cheek area. Once the patient feels numbness, the surgeon begins the lip augmentation procedure. The potency of the anesthesia almost eliminates any sensation of pain for the patient.

Swelling is most pronounced during the first 2-3 days, depending on each individual's skin. It typically starts to subside after 7 days. Within a month, the lips begin to take shape, and by the second or third month, they usually settle into their final appearance.

Absolutely necessary. Lip massage helps to alleviate swelling and promotes a beautiful lip shape while reducing the likelihood of lip asymmetry. Patients can start massaging their lips one month after the procedure and continue until they feel that the scar tissue has softened and there is no longer any stiffness.

It is possible if the teeth have started to settle, and the patient can comfortably close their mouth. However, if the patient is in the process of adjusting their braces and some teeth protrude beyond the lip line, making it difficult to close the mouth comfortably, it is advisable to wait until the teeth have shifted into position before undergoing lip augmentation. It is not necessary to wait until the braces are removed.

You can apply lipstick after 2 weeks if the wound has healed well. However, if the wound has not healed completely, it is recommended to moisturize the lips with vaseline to keep them moist and prevent dryness.

It depends on the assessment of the doctor. If the lip shape is not significantly distorted, it may be possible to achieve the desired shape without dissolving the fillers. However, if the lips are significantly distorted and cannot be corrected without dissolving the fillers, it is recommended to dissolve them at least 2 weeks before undergoing lip augmentation surgery.

During the first three days, cold compresses can be applied directly to the surgical site, and gentle pressure may be applied to stop bleeding. From the fourth day onwards, warm compresses should be used until stitches are removed. It is important to only apply compresses around the wound area and avoid direct pressure on the wound, as this may cause swelling and inflammation.

Massaging around the lips after lip augmentation surgery helps alleviate swelling, which commonly occurs as a result of the body's healing process after tissue trauma from the surgery. Regular massage can soften the swelling, resulting in a more beautiful, natural-looking lip shape and reducing the chances of filler displacement.

These include abstaining from hot foods, strongly flavored foods, and pickled foods, as they may cause the wound to blister and become inflamed, ultimately leaving scars.

Wounds occurring after lip augmentation surgery are often attributed to genetic factors, self-care practices post-surgery, as well as surgical techniques employed by the doctor. Therefore, it is advisable to strictly follow the doctor's recommendations after the surgery, such as wound cleansing and lip massage. By adhering to these instructions, the likelihood of scarring post-surgery can be significantly reduced.

Lip augmentation surgery is a procedure that yields permanent results, unlike the temporary effects of injecting filler substances, which dissolve and require re-injection for maintenance.