Emma Clinic คลินิกเสริมจมูกที่ได้รับความไว้วางใจมากที่สุดแห่งปี 2023

Emma Clinic, the trusted nose augmentation clinic of the year 2023 August 10th

On August 10th, HELLO! Magazine Thailand has organized the event HELLO! Beauty Awards 2023 up under the theme “Nurture Nature Embrace Beauty” Sustainable natural beauty

In the event, there are many beauty lovers, celebrities, executives joining to update beauty trends. and congratulations to the beauty product brand Awarded in various fields

Emma Clinic accepts HELLO! Beauty Awards 2023

In this regard, Dr. Nam, the president of the Emma Clinic. It also received the Editors’ Choices: The Best Aesthetic and rejuvenating award in the category of The Most Trusted Rhinoplasty Design , which is considered an outstanding clinic in many aspects, especially the design of a soft nose shape. Looks unique to each woman. so that everyone can be the most beautiful in their own way

Current rhinoplasty surgery It’s a matter that is easily accessible. There are many prices and many methods. Not only have to choose a good shape. But the standard of the clinic And a skilled medical team will help increase the confidence of patients as well.

Emma Clinic would like to thank you for all the trust from customers. and confidence from HELLO! Magazine Thailand until it was the source of receiving this award.

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รีบจอง! คุณหมอเปิดคิวเพิ่ม
"เสริมจมูกราคานักศึกษา" 7,900.-